Point Insurance Reduction Program

P.I.R.P. | NY Traffic Tickets Point Reduction & Insurance Reduction

Internet Defensive Driving In Nesconset

Get all you need in Nesconset to meet your defensive driving requirement and earn your point reduction eligibility and insurance discount privileges.

New York Department Of Motor Vehicles Approved Defensive Driving

PointInsuranceReductionProgram.com's Nesconset Defensive Driving Course was fashioned to teach you safe driving techniques and the skills needed to reduce the risks Nesconset drivers face while on the road. New York traffic road rules are also taught to help you employ these driving techniques to prevent traffic collisions and traffic tickets in the future.

Cost To Take Defensive Driving In Nesconset

Get all you need for your 10% NY price of insuring a vehicle savings and four point reduction on your NY State DMV driving record - and it only costs $24.95, Including your Certificate of Completion and live support!

Nesconset Point And Insurance Reduction Program With Benefits

PointInsuranceReductionProgram.com, in conjunction with The American Safety Council, offers a Nesconset Defensive Driving program approved by the New York State DMV. Upon passing of our PIRP, patrons receive a minimum of a four (4) point-reduction on their New York DMV driving record. In addition, a mandatory minimum 10% car insurance discount will be earned if the program is completed by the principal operator of the vehicle being insured.

No Need To File Any Paperwork

Another one of the advantages of our online defensive driving program in Nesconset is that there is no excess paper-waste. There are no written tests to complete, no New York Department of Motor Vehicles forms to mail in, and no paper ticket school workbooks to print out. Everything you have to have is fully on-line... Now that's an eco-friendly defensive driving program Nesconset residents can count on!

Nesconset Defensive Driving Time Requirements

Your I-PIRP will last at least 5-hrs and 20 minutes in length. State defensive driving law requires that all approved defensive driving programs be a bare minimum of 5-hrs and 20 minutes long. PointInsuranceReductionProgram.com abides by this time requirement, thus ensuring that you get a New York State DMV approved course and will be eligible for your insurance discount and point reduction benefits.

Finish The Program At Your Own Tempo

You may complete the class in as many sessions as needed, but you have to complete the class within THIRTY (30) days of registering. You can login and log out as you need with the username and password you setup during the I-PIRP registration. Your data will be saved along the way!

The Best Defensive Driving

  • Absolutely No Final Examination To Take Or Pass!
  • Save Money While Reducing Up To Four Points From Your Driver Record
  • Obtain An Car Insurance Reduction Of 10% In The Base Rate Of Liability, No-fault & Collision Cost Of Insuring A Car