Point Insurance Reduction Program

P.I.R.P. | NY Traffic Tickets Point Reduction & Insurance Reduction

Defensive Driving In Patchogue

It's the complete New York Defensive Driving answer. You get a NYS DMV approved course sponsored by Agency #29, a great ticket school course, up to 4 (four) points reduced, and your car insurance discount.

NYS DMV Approved Defensive Driving

For over 15 years we have helped hundreds of thousands of Patchogue drivers keep their driver records clean and insurance rates down. With our decades of traffic safety education experience, we are proud to bring you a Patchogue Point and Insurance Reduction Program that is easy, quick, information packed and chosen at your own convenience.

IPIRP Online

PointInsuranceReductionProgram.com, in conjunction with The American Safety Council, presents a Patchogue Defensive Driving course approved by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. Upon passing of our Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program, students get a minimum of a four point-reduction on their New York driving record. In addition, a mandatory minimum 10% auto insurance discount will be earned if the course is completed by the principal operator of the vehicle being insured.

Support For New York Defensive Driving

You are our valued customer and at PointInsuranceReductionProgram.com, we are here to assist you with any problems you may have along the way. You can contact us on the phone or with email and one of our customer service members will be available to answer your questions.

Course Price For Defensive Driving In Patchogue

Get everything you need for your 10% NY insurance rates savings and 4 point reduction on your New York DMV driving record - and it only costs $24.95, Including your Completion Certificate and live support!

Paperless Program For Patchogue

You can finish our course from any location you can get internet access in Patchogue. You don't need to bother with any paperwork either as there is no written final - everything is completely online and all the traffic-school study material you require is available to you online 365 days a year.

Patchogue Defensive Driving Value Statement

Offering high quality courses at lower prices - that's only part of the PointInsuranceReductionProgram.com Defensive Driving Mission. We strive to provide traffic safety school courses that you can rely on to make you a more capable and more knowledgeable driver in Patchogue.

Patchogue Defensive Driving Has It All

  • New York State DMV Approved, Sponsoring Agency #029
  • The Program Can Be Accessed From Anywhere With A Pc Or Mac On Line 24/7
  • Reduce Points On Your DMV Record For Any Four Points You Received Over The Past 18 Months